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Fasting for Justice


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Fasting For Justice

Supporting Prince William Boycott

6407 Frenchmens Drive

Alexandria VA 22312

Phone ( 703) 354-3293

Cell (703) 973-5909


Press Release/Press Conference

Contact: Kevin Sanchez

Phone: (703) 973-5909


6:00 P.M. EST, Tuesday August 28, 2007

Youth and Young Adults in Fairfax County support Boycott in Prince William through Fasting. By fasting we are encouraging all youth, young adults and all citizens that believe in Peace, Justice and Freedom to be strong and support the economic boycott in Prince William County.

Press Conference:

When: August 28, 2007 at 6:00 PM

Where: 6407 Frenchmens Drive , Alexandria VA 22312 ( Fairfax County , VA )


When: August 28th through Monday September 3rd


From Monday, August 27 to Monday, September 3rd

Do no spend money in Prince William County- Do not buy gas, clothes, food, school supplies, electronics, etc. DO NOT BUY at Potomac Mills, Manassas Mall, Wal-Mart, Giant, 7 Eleven, Safeway, Food Lion, Dollar Stores, McDonalds, Taco Bell, pizzerias, restaurants, movies, etc.

Immigrant owned businesses and those that publicly support our community and display a poster against the resolution will NOT be boycotted. Prepare ahead of time by purchasing your supplies in Fairfax , Arlington , Stafford , Alexandria , and Washington , D.C.

Mission Statement

For Fasting For Justice

Our mission is to bring to light the injustice that has plagued our communities in Northern Virginia for far too long.  Like other great leaders that have come before us, such as Mahatma Gandhi, who have used fasting to created solidarity with his people and bring to light injustice that was facing them.  Young people of the Peace Movement For All are going to dedicate their bodies, minds, and spirits in a fast that will last as long as they are physically capable of enduring to help bring to light the injustices that are facing the Immigrant Community. 

This is a fast to help support and motivate the people, particularly the youth, in Prince William County to understand and participate in the boycott that will be taking place in our community.  This is a purely peace motivated fast that will help and solidify our community.

This is a historic day, but because our people are taking control over their futures and binding together in solidarity.   For the first time in a long time, we are able to rally around Warriors for Peace in a fast that will ripple all across this great Nation. We must trust each other, fight for each other, and suffer for each other.

“If peace does not reside within our hearts, the work we do is in vain”    - Kevin Sanchez

Peace Warriors is brought to you through Barrios Unidos - Virginia Chapter

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