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A special thanks to the following Peace Warriors:

Andrea Ley (Bailey' Making the Grade), Barron Bingen (former ADS employee and second father to hundreds - this man loved Barrios and went all out to make sure that young people had options and alternatives - lovingly called "THE MAYOR OF CULMORE"), Sharon Wentland (second mother to hundreds - her passion and love for children is second to none), Luis Cardona (former DC Barrios Unidos leader), Nane Alejandrez (founder of Barrios Unidos - gracias carnal for your guidance on how to being a long distance runners), Otilio Quinteros AKA OT (Teacher of the old traditions - thanks for illuminating our obscured status quo with our enlightening tradiciones), Clyde Jackson (4H), Frank Blechman, Pastor Steve Rodhes - Culmore United Methodist Church (supporter of Barrios Unidos), Iris Garay, Ronald Pardo, Pedro Salmeron AKA "flaco", Luz Maria Fernandez, Allysea Marfull, Wilbur Cerda, Woodrow Wilson Library Staff (1995-2000), Olde Salem Village Apartments (Supported of Barrios Unidos office in Culmore (1997-2004)), Barcroft View Apartments (Housed Barrios Unidos Kids Club (1998-2007)), Kevin Sanchez, Scarleth Ayala, Willy Canas, Yasmine Ramirez, Jesenia Tobar, Luz Zuleta (loving second mother to many young women), Shauna Cole (RCC), Melinda Martinez (RCC), and all other Peace Warriors previously or currently involved in the Barrios Unidos Peace Movement.

Thanks also to all those government official, non-profits, progressive thinkers and supporters that were willing to support an agency that was at the time of its founding a bit "out of the box" or perhaps better said, "ahead of its time". Barrios Unidos and its supporters have been  consistently consistent in their vision, mission, and values. Join us in celebrating 12 year of service to "Young People with Untapped Potential" by clicking on the following videos and sites that chronologically detail Barrios Unidos and their work focusing on Prevention, Intervention, and Community Education in Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC.

Peace Warriors is brought to you through Barrios Unidos - Virginia Chapter

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