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"How blessed are those who make peace, because it is they who will be called God's children" MAtthew 5:9

Who We Are

The PEACE WARRIORS NETWORK is A movement of youth violence prevention/intervention agencies, faith-based organizations, youth groups, Ex-gang members, and young people passionate and committed to decreasing the harm that violence inflicts on our communities.

Our Mission

To inspire, organize, and mobilize a movement wholeheartedly focused on the intention of generating peace across hearts, neighborhoods, communities, nations, our world, and ultimately bring peace to all aspects of our interrelated interdependent  relationships.

"Mitakuye Oyasin - To all my relations"

What our Network Provides

Motivational Presentations/Speeches/Keynotes

Our network provides motivational presentations/speeches/keynotes on various topics ranging from violence prevention, the power of education, highlighting examples of people who surmounted dire challenges in life, the importance of environmental responsibility and many other important issues related to a peaceful and fruitful existence. Our speakers have unsurpassed skills in the art of story telling and  reach hearts across of various realities such as race, religion, gender, geographic location, sex, age, etc. To get more information or to schedule a motivational presentation/speech/keynote click "HERE" to get more information.

Healing Circles

To live in peace a heart must be willing to go through the journey of healing. The healing circles are a journey where our own communities come together in order practice healing through "listening to one another" and "reflecting back transformative truths about each other. A healing circle is a sacred time and space where life is celebrated, pain is let go, truth is sought, forgiveness happens, love is expressed, suffering is used to heal, new beginnings arise, and a place where "LOVE"  touches hearts. We have provided healing circles to juvenile detention centers, schools, non-profits, churches, universities, government agencies , community centers, and we look forward to provide you and your community with a tool to transform even the most hurt of hearts whether it be of an individual or of a whole community. Get more information about tour healing circles by clicking "HERE".

Trainings and Workshops

Our various trainers have years of experiences facilitating trainings and workshops on the following topics:

  •  Violence Prevention and Intervention Program Design
  •  Effective and Safe Street Outreach
  •  Initiating Youth Advocacy and Activism Movements
  •  Healthy Family Dynamics
  •  Various aspects of "Culture" in "Youth Work"
  •  Various aspects of "Faith" in "Youth Work"
  •  Community Transformation
  •  Community Organizing and Mobilizing
  •  Initiating Personal, Community, and Governmental Accountability
  •  and many other topics and themes

To learn more about out trainings and workshops click "HERE"

Youth Advocacy Initiatives

The peace warrior network is a circle of justice warriors who initiate, encourage, and maintain social justice movements across the nations in order to make sure that all youth have an environment where they can thrive, feel safe, and succeed.. Three initiatives that the network is currently working on are:

  •  The youth promise act
  •  The juvenile justice and delinquency prevention act (jjdpa)
  •  the dream act

Visit our "Advocacy Initiatives" link and learn more about these pieces of legislation and what you can do to support change and progress in the lives of young people. Here also are examples of initiatives that youth have been involved with in order to make change and progress emerge in their communities. Come learn, get inspired, and start your own movement!

Contact Information

Electronic mail
General Information: peacewarrior703@gmail.com

Peace Warriors is brought to you through Barrios Unidos - Virginia Chapter

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