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Healing Circles

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Description of Healing Circles

  •  "A healing circle is a sacred time and space where life is celebrated, pain is let go, truth is sought, forgiveness happens, love is expressed, suffering is used to heal, new beginnings arise, and a place where God touches hearts."
  •  "The healing circle is an environment, a place and time where poisonous hurt, guilt, shame, pain, sorrow, hate and all other forms of self-pollution can be safely neutralized.
  •  "The healing circles are our own communities coming together in order practice healing through "listening to one another" and "reflecting back transformative truths about each other"
  •  "It is a moment where we can celebrate that we are all "survivors and thrivers"".

Key Benefits of Healing Circles

  •  Conflict Resolution (intra and interpersonal violence)
  •  Racial Conflicts
  •  Grieving Process

Qualifications, Capabilities, and Experience of our Facilitators

  •  Overall, Barrios Unidos movement has 34 years of experience with a myriad of youth related issues with a concentration on violence prevention and intervention. We are generalists on youth related issues and specialists in violence prevention and intervention.
  •  Northern Virginia Healing Circle facilitators have a broad and deep understanding of "Youth Culture".
  •  15 year experience in facilitating youth groups and providing one-one-one mentoring.
  •  Our facilitators have personally gone through the many of the issues that youth are going through and therefore have empathy for the thoughts, feelings, and actions that arise in the Healing Circles.
  •  Our facilitators have the professional knowledge and experience to deal with the many issues that arise inside a Healing Circle.

Healing Circle Images

Healing takes Community

Healing takes Courage

Healing takes Patience

Healing takes Choice

Healing takes Motion

More Information

Discovery Channel "Healing Circle" Article
Discovery channel highlighted the importance of healing work when it comes to decreasing violence in the U.S.A.
Discovery Channel "Healing Circle" Video
Discovery Channel features a Healing Circle in Montgomery County Maryland where youth share some of the things that have caused pain in their lives and through a process of healing come to resolutions on how to overcome those negative thoughts and feelings that once kept them "slaves of the past".


Step 1
Call 703-401-2265 or email peacewarrior703@gmail.com for more information on Healing Circles and scheduling process
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Fill out assessment form (Click HERE to download assessment form)
Step 3
Schedule date and time of your Healing Circle

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